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Homepages of friends and collaborators
- mainly from the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry and Crystallography, but also others.

Roland Sigel at the University of Zürich

Jens Müller at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Bernhard Spingler at the University of Zürich
Bernhard Lippert at the Technical University of Dortmund

IUCr: Crystallography online
All about Crystallography, Links for Mineralogists
Swiss Research Groups Working in the Field of Crystallography
IUCr: Crystallography Journals Online
NSLS: National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven
SLS: Swiss Light Source (DUO)
Hauptman-Woodward Institute: High Throughput Crystallization
RasMol: Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool
Grasp: Graphical Representation and Analysis of Structural Properties
MolScript: The Official Web Site
SHELX: The SHELX-97 Homepage
CCP4i: The CCP4 Graphical User Interface
CNS: Crystallography & NMR System
RCSB: ADIT Validation Server (V11.1A)
Absorption Edge Wavelengths
RCSB: Protein Data Bank
ndb: Nucleic Acid Database
DNA and Protein Tools
ExPASy Molecular Biology Server
Rutgers: Molecular Biology Sites
Dundee: Molecular Biology Links
Entelechon, the Synthetic Genes Company: Free Online Tools
GCUA: General Codon Usage Analysis
University of Florida: Molecular Biology Methods and Protocols
Oklahoma State University: Molecular Biology Methods and Protocols
Molecular Biology Protocols Online
Webcutter 2.0
BiBiSerV: Bielefeld University Bioinformatics Server
Oligo Extinction Coefficient Calculator
MATRAS: Protein 3D Structure Comparison
Chemistry Tools and Information Molecular Mass Calculation
EducETH: Material fuer den Chemieuntericht
Animation biologischer und chemischer Vorgaenge
University of Georgia: Index of Chemistry Lectures
ETH Zurich: Chemie Vorlesungen
Uni Potsdam: Chemie Vorlesungen
Quarks & Co
Prof. Blumes Bildungsserver fuer Chemie
Mathematik: Eine total unmoegliche Seite mit unmoeglichen Aufgaben
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
Chemistry : Periodic Table
Borane Builder v3.01
Journal of Irreproducible Results
Chemicals, Labware and Companies
Biocompare: The Buyer's Guide for Life Scientists
H+P Labortechnik AG: Autoclaves
Milian SA - Laboratory supplies and disposables
Hamilton: Products for Fluid Measurement
Molekula Deutschland
MetaXChem: The Chemistry Metasearch Engine
New York
General Helpful Stuff
HTML: Special Characters
UNIX Commands I
UNIX Commands II
LEO: English/German Dictionary
Stiftungen: Index deutscher Stiftungen im WWW
Küche: Die Rezeptsammlung
Noch mehr Rezepte
Klettern: Schweizer Klettersteige
Klettern: Kletterzentrum Zürich/Schlieren
Klettern: Linksammlung
Zürich: Welcome to Zürich
Zürich: Verein Zürcher Museen