Who we are ...

 from left to right: Jovana, Meng, Eva, Jelena, Alma

Office Lab
Prof. Dr. Eva Freisinger
(group leader)
34-F-44 34-F-30 freisinger at chem.uzh.ch
Jelena Habjanic
(PhD student)
34-F-30 jelena.habjanic at uzh.ch
Jovana Jakovleska
(PhD student)
34-F-30 jovana.jakovleska at chem.uzh.ch
Alejandro A. Marquez Espinoza
(PhD student)
34-F-30 alejandro.marquez at chem.uzh.ch
Monica Perinelli
(PhD student)
34-F-30 monica.perinelli at chem.uzh.ch
Alma Salim
(PhD student)
34-F-30 alma.salim at chem.uzh.ch

 Junior members:

 Carolin J.S. Sigel:
 Junior researcher since 2011

 Samuel T.E.R. Sigel:
 Junior researcher since 2007

 Former members:

 Katsiaryna Tarasava: PhD student (2010-2014), Postdoc (2014-2015)

 Igor Oleinich: PhD student (2009-2013), Postdoc (2013-2014)

 Jens Loebus: PhD student (2008-2012), Postdoc (2012-2014)

 David Egloff: PhD student (2009-2013)

 Tamara Huber: PhD student (2009-2013), Postdoc (2013)

 Barbara Leitenmaier: Postdoc (2011-2012)

 Matthias Winnerlein: Master student (2010/11)

 Augusto C. S. Cabral: PhD student (2005-2009)
 now Associate Product Manager, Institut Straumann AG, Basel, Switzerland

 Estevão Aun Peroza Galli: PhD student (2004-2008), Postdoc (2009)

 Xiaoqiong Wan: PhD student (2004-2008)
 now Teacher and Researcher at the College of Resources and Environment, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

 Maya Leutwiler: Summer student (2008), BUSS Program

 Ali Al Kaabi: Master student (2007)
 now PhD studies in the Department of Clinical Research, University of Bern, Switzerland

 Oliver Schicht: PhD student (2004-2007)
 now Junior Project Manager, TECAN AG, Männedorf, Switzerland